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About 15 kms from Kaza, nestling in a Himalayan amphitheatre at a height of 14,500 feet, is a remote village named Langza. It is one of the highest villages in the world that can be reached via a motorable road. Our quaint Himalayan homestay at Langza puts you at the heart of this small, breathtakingly beautiful village, amidst the 30 odd houses that are home to its entire population of about 140 people. Yes, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that Langza opens your eyes to a whole new face of life in the mighty Himalayas. A Buddha statue believed to be a 1000 years old, dominates the landscape, with lush barley fields in the background. And beyond these you’ll find Langza’s main attraction – a Fossil Park littered with buried remains of prehistoric sea creatures! Fossils that conclusively proved that Spiti Valley was once under the Tethys Sea, and millions of years ago, when the Indian and Eurasian plates collided, the Himalayas emerged from this sea.


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How to Reach

Langza is the only place in the Himalayas where one can drive to from the plains 12 months a year. That is because there is no pass that one needs to cross while driving from Shimla. There are two approach roads - from Shimla and Manali. Whereas, it is about 425 kms/18 hrs from Shimla (open 12 months), the drive from Manali (open only from June to October) is 215 kms/9 hrs.

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