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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  •  When can you visit the Kaza Retreat?
    • May to October is the best time to visit Kaza.
  •  What medical help is available at the Camp?
    • Temperatures vary with the seasons. Mid- April to October has pleasant days and cold nights. The retreat remains closed at other times.
  •  What is the condition of the roads?
    • Considering that the retreat is located in an off- beat destination, the roads are in good condition. However, for greater driving pleasure, vehicles with higher clearance should be preferred.
  •  What is the recommended period of stay?
    • Minimum 3-4 nights in the Kaza Retreat
  •  Are there any organized tours also?
    • Yes, we do tailor made tours and jeep safaris covering our retreat and nearby destinations.
  •   What is the source of water?
    • Water is sourced from either natural springs or from mountain streams, which is then filtered through Aqua Guard.
  •  Documents required for Inner Line permits?
    • Indian nationals no longer require permits for visiting Spiti. Foreign nationals would require a permit to cross over from Tabo to Sangla and vice- Versa. The following documents for getting the permit to visit Tabo and Kaza: 3 passport size photos, passport and visa with 2 photocopies of each. We help you obtain permits.
  •   Do you organize tours for groups?
    • Yes, we do organize tours for big family groups, camping excursion tours for school groups and training programs/ conferences/ picnics for corporate at the venue convenient to you. These tours can be tailor-made to suit the requirements of the family/school/corporate and the objective of the tour and can be given an educational, cultural, adventure or a specific activity focus. Contact us to design a tour especially for your needs.