Himalayan Advn Cultural Bonanza
Himalayan Advn Cultural Bonanza
Duration 10 nights 11 days

One of the most amazing and memorable journeys one can have combining the best of adventure, culture and nature; from a raging river to the massive mountains on the other end of the journey. We begin with the Banjara Rafting Camp at Mori, on the banks of the Tons River where you can experience the rush of adrenaline as you come face to face with the might of the thundering river threatening to engulf all that comes in its way, followed by extraordinary sense of accomplishment on having conquered the white fury and beaten the odds. Having pumped up sufficient energy, we now continue onwards to reach Sarahan, home to the beautiful 800 years old Bhimakali Temple. The temple is one of the finest examples of hill architecture with its weathered walls enclosing approximately an acre of temples, old residential quarters, courtyards and a small recently created museum. It also holds an ancient sacred text. There are delightful walks and interesting excursions. A few kilometers short of Sarahan is the quaint village of Ranwin from where a tunnel is said to lead to Sarahan.

From here we move to Sangla, nestled in one of the most incredible valleys in the country opened up quite recently to the public - the Kinnaur Valley. Here one can go on some beautiful walks along the Baspa river or trek to Chitkul, which was on the trade route on the Old Hindustan-Tibetan border road and is also the last village before the Tibetan border. We culminate our journey in the beautiful orchard town of Thanedar, which is home to the first apple orchard brought by a social worker from Philadelphia, Mr. Stokes. The "Sparking Apple" Orchard can still be seen here.

    Day 1:  Delhi - Mori 447kms/12hr

    Leave Delhi after early breakfast. Night stay in a rafting Camp, Mori.

    Day 2:  Mori

    Go rafting on the Tons river, which provides excellent opportunities to test your mettle against the storming river.

    Day 3:  Mori - Sarahan 202kms/6hr/2165m

    Leave for Sarahan. Visit 800 years old Bhimakali temple complex. Night stay in Banjara Retreat, Sarahan.

    Day 4:  Sarahan

    Leave for Daran ghati for the spectacular view of the Shrikhand Range. Lunch enroute.

    Day 5:  Sarahan - Sangla 90kms/4hr

    Walk along the Baspa river or walk to the Batseri village. The local Devta temple is a must see. Night stay in Banjara Camp, Sangla.

    Day 6:  Sangla 2700m

    Rock climb, river cross or angle for trout. Bon- re in the evening.

    Day 7:  Sangla - Chitkul 3540m

    Trek to Chitkul. This is the last village on the old Indo-Tibetan trade route. Overnight camping at Chitkul.

    Day 8:  Chitkul - Sangla

    Trek back to Sangla. Night stay in Banjara camp, Sangla

    Day 9:  Sangla - Thanedar 153kms/6hr

    After breakfast leave for Thanedar. Night stay in Banjara Retreat, Thanedar.

    Day 10:  Thanedar 2400m

    Visit Tani-Jubbar lake, which is famous for the Nag-Devta temple built along the lake. Drive or trek to Hatu peak, which at 3223m o ers a panoramic view of the snowline.

    Day 11:  Thanedar - Delhi 440kms/10hr

    Drive back to Delhi.

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